Eve Kemp Art Exhibition at California African American Museum “CAAM”


pic of card for museum

Dear Friends,

      From December 10, 1992, when my journey began as a fine artist, many of you have become my believers, my strength and my reason for going forward as a painter in the 21st century. Therefore, it brings me great joy to proudly announce, my very first museum exhibition starting July 24th through November 2nd of 2014 at the California African American Museum. I can only thank you and believe you are as much the reason for this great success as my very works themselves.

     A painter must be an inspired, dedicated believer and as Einstein said so well…”imagination is greater than knowledge”. I have not for one moment, doubted these words. At this time, I would  ask you to reach out as far as you can to every corner of the earth, to let ALL whom you know be aware of the living artist EVE KEMP and to come join us in this celebration!