About EVE

Plunging headlong into life, the young artist virtually invented Himself during his homeless travels across Europe. Conspicuous not only in his remarkable talent for painting but also in the eccentricity of his dress and the wildness of his behavior, life came to symbolize the freewheeling spirit of the rebel artist.
He is one artist for whom travel would prove to be a great liberator; Europe and its people became his canvas. This artist’s rejection of conventional taste was founded in an almost physical revulsion for the stultifying world of the Midwest in which he grew up. The sense of claustrophobia in class, color and traditional religion was his mortuary. Born in the spring of 1963, son of a Cherokee Indian, gypsy, and traveling musician father. His mother one of 18 brothers and sister, and in his words, the cement plantation worker for General Motors. “My mother worked very hard to keep food on the table and to make sure we looked respectful in church, there were nine uncles and six aunts, most were ministers, I had no escape from God.” Even after the loss of faith in formal religion, his temperamental inclination for ecstasy lent fervent expression to his art that beauty was a quality both supernatural and eternal. His thoughts are transmitted onto wood, canvas and discarded artifacts that lay dormant in the gutter of a consumption-obsessed society. He recycles his materials, wood blocks, plain brown paper bags, 200-year-old canvas stripped from walls. He has created a world of raw vision to touch in us the pain and splendor of life. Drugs, sex, religion, hypocrisy, philosophy, life, death and religions scrolls of saint-like monsters are all subjects of his experienced journey.
The paintings are a voice.

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