October 2011: This is my New Beginning, the moment of my RENAISSANCE! Its been too long a time since i have spoken to my friends. A word of my life. “Sooooo here i am.” The RENAISSANCE MAN, I hope you’re smiling? but the definition of the word is: “a person of many talents or areas of knowledge”. This will be my story to tell, the journey of my imagination, because I know you wonder what an artist really thinks right before the Creative Force takes possession of my mind, body, and soul. Well if this is of no interest to u and this may very well be the case…please consider this!
I am reaching out to you because the loss of my band members, one to cancer and one to suicide, in addition to my mother’s recent death has shined a bright light on why I create, why I breathe, why the experience in the palm of my hand can either feel like a nail to a cross in my side or another day worth living,..I choose. Though I find myself in a fetal position some days, this time I have decided to speak to those of you who may have never felt the way I feel, or u who have, or will at some point n your life. Writing u will be the exorcism of my pain, my light of faith in tomorrow, my conscience reeling, or just some shit off my chest. I may not have the answer to your dilemma, but i do understand what it is to be human. Sometimes we humans do have just what another needs to do the greatest thing on earth, which is to lift one’s spirit.I say this because as an ARTIST my eyes are open to what is around me. I seek out the greatest experience possible every day of my life, and the most rewarding gift at this time of my life is to know the ones I love; family, friends and the human race. It’s that simple! “RENAISSANCE” For me is…a day in the life of the artist! So buckle up and get ready for a ride! Sincerely… EVE KEMP

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